"Dart game".


Making this crossbow, began with a clothes-peg gun to my children. I rebuilt it so it could shoot the matches a bit more precisely. 
It was so much fun working on this that I started to develop a mini crossbow as a dart game.
The goal was to obtain a designed, small, non fatal, accurate crossbow for games.
With a fixed crossbow, the arrow now hit the same point every time, distance: 2 to 2,5 meters. 

Since there are so many variables with regard to materials and design of the, bowstring, the bow (their connection) and not least the trigger and the arrows. I had to do a large number of experiments before I had solved all the technical problems. So far I have produced about 25 copies of the “final” result. The box measures 4x14x22 cm, the bow





In this picture, there is jewelry meant for the end of hair braids. I have also made some in wax that has been cast in silver. They are easy to use and their elastic can be replaced.
Rings, bracelets and hair clips is made of bent veneer glued in 2 to 6 layers and lacquered and polished.

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