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My name is Ole Jakob Schjetlein born in Oslo in 1957 and now lives in Asker.

After my journeyman exam as a cabinet maker in 77, I have worked with interior of houses and boats, building furniture and houses. I was trained as industrial design model builder 87/88 and have worked in three model shops in Oslo as a freelancer. A couple of years I worked with guitars and other stringed instruments in Guitar workshop in Oslo. In parallel, I have worked with what I show here. 

In 1993 I was invited to exhibit in Lillehammer and Oslo in connection with the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer -94. That same year I got Asker Municipality cultural scholarship.
I have been invited to hold several exhibitions. Solo exhibitions in Asker library in 93,Asker museum two times in 97 and Holmestrand culture festival in 98. I have also participated in cultural days in Heggedal in 95 and exhibitions in “Det gule huset” in Asker in 96 and 2000. 
The work has been presented in the papers, Asker og Bærum Budstikke and Aftenposten, also NRK nationaltelevision.                                                         
Since year 2000, I haven`t taken the time to show my work, though I have been making pieces in my spare time. Now, at last, I`m in a position to fully concentrate on my own wood art projects.
I've begun by learning to operate a computer and to create this site. I wish to use my it as a platform to apply for exhibitions, scholarships, and not least to make contact with individuals and organizations who are interested in this type of work.

About my work. 
Marquetry is a mosaic technique in which pieces are shaped in particular.
I mostly use 
0.5 mm veneer and a scalpel no. 11.
I use from 4 to 10 layers of lacquer, sand and polish.
The box "snake head" has 10 layers cross-glued veneer in the side, this builds just over 5mm.
I mostly use a two-component adhesive used in boat building.
Hinges and such are made of steel, brass and wood. I have also used silver in some of the works.
For woodcarving I use some wood carver tools and much scalpel. I continue to draw while I build, so the objects often develop along the way.
I get ideas for topics from: fairy tales, myths, legends, symbols, - old and new, patterns in the wood and memories.

Membership: Marquetry Society 

re you interrested! 
Send me a e-post to  oj-schj@online.no

or call me tlf. 00 47 41470106

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